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Experience the beauty of music from around the globe with Lubwe Radio Mix. We provide an extensive range of songs from different countries, cultures, and genres. Tune in anytime, anywhere with our 24/7 streaming service. By downloading our app, you’re not only indulging in your musical passion but also contributing to a good cause. Join us in supporting the One Dream Foundation, dedicated to building a hospital in Zambia.

Services we provide

Global Music

From Afrobeats to Salsa, our selection of music from around the globe is sure to keep you entertained. Tune in to Lubwe Radio Mix and experience the sounds of the world.

24/7 Streaming

Lubwe Radio Mix is available to you 24/7, so you can tune in anytime and anywhere. Our streaming service is reliable, accessible, and designed to ensure you never miss a beat.

One Dream Foundation

By downloading the Lubwe Radio Mix 24/7 app, you can contribute to the construction of a hospital in Zambia through the One Dream Foundation. Be part of a good cause while enjoying the sounds of the world.


In addition to our global music selection, we also offer a range of podcasts featuring interviews, discussions, and more. Tune in to Lubwe Radio Mix and expand your knowledge and insights on various topics.

Empowering Communities through Music: Lubwe Radio Mix

Discover how Lubwe Radio Mix, an online broadcasting service, has been using the power of music to support community development through their partnership with the One Dream Foundation.

Bringing People Together: Lubwe Radio Mix's Global Impact

Learn how Lubwe Radio Mix, an online broadcasting service, is creating a global impact by connecting people worldwide through music and fostering a sense of community.

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