Our vision

Our vision is to bring the joy of music to people all over the world, connecting them through the universal language of melody and rhythm. We aim to be the go-to destination for music lovers everywhere, providing a diverse selection of songs from different cultures and genres. Through our partnership with One Dream Foundation, we also aspire to make a positive impact by helping to build a much-needed hospital in Zambia, Africa.

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Team story

Once upon a time, a group of music enthusiasts came together with a shared dream of bringing the world’s music to people’s fingertips. They created Lubwe Radio Mix 24/7, an online broadcasting platform that offers a diverse selection of music from around the globe. With their informal and friendly tone, they not only connect music lovers worldwide but also inspire them to make a difference by downloading Lubwe Radio Mix¬† from App stores, you’re donating towards building a hospital in Zambia through the One Dream Foundation.