Case Study: Expanding Access to healthy care system  and Supporting Community Development in Zambia, Africa.



Lubwe Radio Mix, a streaming service offering a diverse selection of music from around the world, sought to expand its reach and engage more music lovers globally. Additionally, the company wanted to make a positive impact on the underserved communities in Zambia, Africa by supporting the construction of a hospital at One Dream Foundation.



To achieve these goals, Lubwe Radio Mix launched a campaign to promote its streaming service and encourage users to download the app. By offering the app on popular platforms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon stores, the company ensured easy access for music enthusiasts from all over the world. The streaming service’s informal tone of voice and 24/7 availability resonated with users, attracting a large and diverse audience.

As an innovative approach to community development, Lubwe Radio Mix introduced a unique incentive for app downloads. For each download, the company pledged to donate a brick towards the construction of a much-needed hospital at One Dream Foundation in Zambia. This win-win initiative not only allowed users to enjoy a wide range of music but also provided them with an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause.



The campaign yielded remarkable results, with thousands of downloads from music lovers across the globe. With the increased number of users, Lubwe Radio Mix successfully established itself as a leading streaming service for diverse music genres. Moreover, through the brick donation program, the company made significant progress in supporting the hospital’s construction at One Dream Foundation.

The impact of Lubwe Radio Mix’s campaign was twofold. Firstly, it provided a platform for people to enjoy music from different cultures, fostering a sense of global unity and appreciation for diversity. Secondly, by actively involving users in the construction of the hospital, the campaign generated a sense of community and collective responsibility towards improving healthcare infrastructure in Zambia. Through their participation in the app download initiative, music lovers not only enriched their own lives but also contributed to a tangible and lasting benefit for the people of Zambia.

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User Testimonial

Jessica Simon

I absolutely love Lubwe Radio Mix, with its wide range of international music and the added bonus of being able to contribute to a great cause by simply downloading the app!